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    Yellow Dock contains iron and may improve the function of the liver, kidneys, lymph glands and intestines. It has known to be used for the treatment of jaundice and as a tonic for the stomach and improvement of general health.

    Licorice Root Has been known to enhance immunity by boosting the level of interferon. It also contains powerful antioxidants and phytoestrogens. It has been known to be historically used for treatment of chronic fatigue, viral infections, menopause, ulcers, fungal infections and arthritis.

    Blood Root is considered highly effective for skin conditions, gingivitis and plaque. Its primary alkaloid, sanguinarine, has been found to be a potent anti-cancer agent. It is prized for its ability to heal infections & stimulate healthy tissue growth.

    Galangal has powerful antibacterial properties. In recent studies, it was also found to have anti-cancer activities. It acts as an anti-oxidant and suppresses the genotoxicity of chemicals. Genotoxic substances are known to be potentially mutagenic or potentially cancerous.

    The Indian Herb is a 100-year-old folk remedy used to attack disease and aid in the healing process. It is also often referred to as “X” or “Black Salve”. Indian Herb may be taken internally or applied externally to abnormal skin growths. It is a STRONG treatment and the directions included in its packaging MUST be carefully followed. Indian Herb contains the following herbs compounded into a paste with distilled Water and other ingredients.


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